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How to Play ▼
Basics ▼
Each horizontal row above is a left to right sequence of colours, wherein each following colour is determined by the colour previous and the corresponding colour rule.
The goal of the game is to create a sequence for each row that makes the goals (colours in the final column) become a logical part of each sequence.
Swapping ▼
Clicking and dragging one of the rules on the left and dropping it on the another rule will swap the two rules positions.
Copy Replace ▼
Clicking and dragging a rule will duplicate it. Now when you drop this rule on another it will replace it, removing that rule permanently.
This move cannot be undone, so think carefully!
Advancing ▼
Pressing the advance button will move the current state forward fixing the colour in the sequence. Rules will only apply from the current state forward.
Pressing the retreat button will reverse this change.
How to read colour rules ▼
To find the next state for any colour first look to the rule at the far left of the row it belongs to and find the arrow that matches the colour.
Now whatever colour that arrow is pointing to is the next colour in the sequence.
Some colours in the rules are not arrows but instead are dots, these should be interpreted as arrows pointing to themselves.
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